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Horse carriage fort myers

Nice to meet you!

I'm your coachwoman Lyric

Bringing my two huge Belgian boys to the public, we are excited to enhance your special events with our, Haze & Halo.

Felix made this road possible for me and my family, and we were blessed to have the time we had with him... We rescued Felix from a North Carolina Kill pen, and as my first draft, he started my entire journey! Growing up, I always wanted a Belgian, and I had a thoroughbred instead! Felix had needed so much love and wasn't a social guy, he had several genetic issues that ended up taking him very early from me, and I only got to spend 16 sweet months with him.

Felix had a story to tell about this road called living, and I couldn't be more blessed to be the one who saved him. It has made me want to bring so much to others who do not get to see these types of majestic horses regularly. 

Many women dream of having horse-drawn carriages at their weddings or even for proposals! You will undoubtedly have a unique touch to your event, and that is what we want to bring to you!

Haze is a stunning, massive boy with an incredible wow factor when being by him! He stands 6' at the withers. Whether you want him pulling your carriage or have pictures with him, he will undoubtedly attract your day's attention!


Halo is a massive, tall boy at 6"3 at the withers and attracts the eyes! He has so much personality in such a big size!

We aim to provide a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience when booking with us; we want you to have a stellar date night with your significant other, a wedding entrance/exit, or an outstanding event all the way around.



3 Drafts 

 I can't live without


Felix Creeker



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Learn about our Drafts 

Why did we choose them?

When we purchased Felix from the kill pen, I knew I wanted other drafts when our routine got more straightforward with his intensive care, but they would have to come from a quality location. In early 23' my husband gave me the green light to purchase another!


Initially, I wanted Halo as he was 'trained', but someone had reserved him early the day before, which left my 2nd choice of Haze.


We brought Haze home as a 4-year-old in March with no training. Since getting him, I have trained him for riding with a saddle, trails, my kids, and the carriage. He is my husband's favorite.


In early July, we decided we would retire Felix, and he could be a pasture puff, for his best interest, and my husband said I could call and find another draft from where I bought Haze. Halo was still there as "Big Joe," as his family never followed up with his purchase. We coordinated with the vet, and we had to, unfortunately, say goodbye to Felix, and I did not want any time or changes taken from him, so we waited to bring Halo home till after we said goodbye. July 17th, 23' I said goodbye to my favorite boy on July 19th, Halo was home with us.

 Halo was trained to the cart, and saddle but has needed a good fine tuning.


Halo and Haze are half brothers; genetically, they are quite the team.

Halo & Haze have a diet of Renew gold 2ibs a day, 2ibs ration balancer (vit / mins), 15 ibs of alfalfa hay, and 20ibs of coastal hay, a day, and free pasture access. Drafts need a minimum of 24,000 calories a day to maintain weight/muscle. When they are working they do receive a extra 10 ibs of alfalfa a day, as it is 1,000 calories per pound!

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