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Please provide as much detail as possible for your event and an idea of how we can help you make your event more special.

Please review the service page for pricing, and services.
If you have any questions or comments or want to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out using the form below. 

What is the event type?
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  • Rides at our location & Attire!
    Attire: Wear something special or nice for any photos, but keep in mind any attention you will want to give the horses may get a little messy!
  • How long are rides at our location?
    Rides at our location are 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the weather and event type, casual ride or private! Your ride will include a small basket of goodies, and some drinks to enjoy for a private ride, for a casual you can purchase any goodies. Bring your phones for any pictures or videos, and ask us to take any pictures as well.
  • How do we book for on site events?
    Please fill out the contact form to give us baseline information on what type of day you are after! Ill be in touch via text to finalize details! We have a 25% fee to book, and balance due upon arrival. Check, card or cash! RESCHEDULING* * If we have to reschedule due to rain, poor weather, emergencies, etc, your deposit is non-refundable for our time prepping the horses, and can be moved to another date. REFUNDS* *Canceling a week or more before your event, you can be refunded. * Canceling within 3 days your deposit is non-refundable but transferable.
  • When will you be launching off site events?
    We are able to bring our drafts and carriage to any offsite vendor, or location! Please touch base for off site specific information, event type, general pricing available on our services page, you then would fill our restoration paperwork out and submit back with a deposit.
  • Booking Off Site Events
    To book off site events, when we start accepting reservations are a 25% deposit, to reserve your date and time, along with our reservation forms filled out and sent back. Balances will be due before we leave the event via cash, or check. This is non negotionable.
  • Team or Single horse?
    "TEAM" A team is two horses pulling the carriage, which is an option to events starting Nov, we are awaiting the new team harness. Team costs vary from single horse costs, please double check what costs would be for a team, via the contact form. SINGLE HORSE Single horse is ONE horse at your event or pulling the carriage. This can be used for the long days if there is not enough time for a minimum of 30 minute break for a team, and single horses will even rotated with the 2nd horse for the 1st horse to have breaks, inquire for the 2nd horse costs. We can do single horses at any event, now.
  • Special Events + Length of events
    If you have a special event or a lengthier event, we will need to customize how many horses for the day or if they are paired as a team. If this event is longer than 2 hours, we will need an additional horse to switch out while the other horse is resting, eating and receiving care so they do not get exhausted. Our horses are our main priorities and will need to be catered to with breaks, if there is a constant day of carriage riding, with having two horses to switch between this allows us to provide them the rest they need, while the other is keeping the flow of carriage rides going for you. Please make sure there would be shade for the horse trailer to be parked and allowing the horses to rest. We will have hay, water and all essentials for the horses.


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