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Private Rides @ Our Location.

Whether it’s a special occasion, a small family outing, or a photo shoot, let us turn your day into an unforgettable memory! Our carriage comfortably seats for adults, leaving room for two children under six.

What can you expect?

  • Families can anticipate a delightful one hour horse drawn carriage, ride at our location, featuring a beautifully dress carriage, and polished show harness for extra touch of elegance. Basic drink options like water, Gatorade, and hot cocoa will be available during the ride. After your enchanting journey, enjoy the unique experience a feeding treats to our gracious draft horses. It’s a wholesome,, memorial outing for the whole family.



Have one of our horse-drawn carriages at your wedding, prom, or large special events. This is tailored to your event specifically at your location. Add on extra horses, or extra hours from our additional services below!

Weddings or Big Events!

Whats included?

  • Elevate your private events, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or a wedding, with our horse drawn carriage package. Will bring the charm to your location for one hour provided. It’s within an hour of us. This is our smallest offsite package, and you have the option to extend and 30 minute increments for $150 each. The horse me carriage will be adorned to match the occasion, complete with a polished show harness for that extra touch of sophistication.


Add On Services

Touch up our above services with custom options!

  • Add a team set up to our off-site packages |:| Add $600. (This is two horses in our basic harness set).

  • Additional Half hour |:| $250 (Includes one horse only)

  • Add a draft to pony parties for larger groups of kids or kids more significant than 60 ibs |:| $200

  • Extra thirty mins for pony parties |:| $75

  • Add 30 minutes to an on-site carriage ride: $50

Off site options

Pony Parties

Our Location



Pony Parties!

Make your kids’ birthday or church events extra special with our delightful pony -sorties, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Make it a hit.

  • Hosting a small party for 6 to 8 children under 60 pounds? Enjoy an hour of pony riding at your location – will deliver the pony within an hours radius. For larger children’s parties, or those over 60 pounds, consider adding a draft to ensure each child gets ample time to enjoy the pony/draft riding.

  • ​each additional half hour is $75. A second horse/draft add-on is $200.



Enjoy weekly, casual carriage rides in short and sweet, timeslots – perfect way to add a touchup charm to your routine!

Weekly Casual Rides!

4x a month...

  • Experience casual horse drawn  carriage rides in our every day, training, harness, available, and 30 minute time slots, at our location. Our carriage comfortably accommodate for adults and two small children.

  • Please be punctual as other families are scheduled for rides that day as well. Water is provided and sodas are available to purchase at one dollar each.

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